Many people these days are not certain of what a Jew actually is. Some believe that the Jews are followers of a religion called “Judaism” and yet others say that the Jewish people are a race. For many, the topic of Jewry is a sensitive one and for the average individual who engages in discussions about Jews, there seems to be a subconscious trigger that warns the individual to be very careful in what he says especially if he has any kind of criticism of the Jews. As Christians, it is vital we understand who the Jewish people are and what exactly Judaism is. The same is also true for the non-christian who wants to understand what Judaism is and who the Jews really are.

Who is a Jew?

Judaism is an ethno-religion that is passed down through the  mother similar to Islam which is passed down through the father. You may have recently become aware of the growing trend to categorize “muslim” as a race. This chain of thinking actually comes from Judaism where one is “Jewish” through the mother. This is of course is in direct opposition to our Christian faith where each one of us are individually sovereign and our salvation through Christ is not passed down through either our mother nor our father but rather it is a personal and individual choice we make to either accept or reject God’s gift of salvation in our life time. This is not the case for Judaism and Islam however. But the question now arises; would an ethno-religion be considered a race or “racial” in any way? The answer is a clear and resounding NO!!! A race is more than just a two generational relationship between parent and offspring. Race is biological and has NOTHING to do with faith or belief. Your race is completely independent of what you believe or what your ancestors believed. For example, the majority of Arabs are Muslim but that does not mean all Arabs are Muslim. Likewise, many Muslims are Arab, but that does not mean all Muslims are Arab. Let’s look at another example. The majority of Dravidians are Hindus but that does not mean all Dravidians are Hindu. Likewise, many Hindus are Dravidians, but that does not mean all Hindus are Dravidians. Although it is naïve to think so, for the purposes of this example, let us assume that every self-proclaimed “Christian” in the USA is in fact really a Christian. Thus, we can say that the majority of Christians are “White Caucasians” but that does not mean all Christians are White. Likewise, many whites are “Christians”, but that does not mean all Whites are Christians.

When it comes to Jewry, 90% of all self-proclaimed Jews belong to the same ethnic/racial background. 90% of all of the world’s Jewry is a Japhethetic Caucasoid-Mongoloid-Turkic mix called “Ashkenazi Khazar” but more commonly simply known as “Ashkenazi Jewish”. So now we can see that the majority of Jews are Ashkenazi, but that does not mean all Jews are Ashkenazi. Likewise, many Ashkenazis are Jews, but that does not mean all Ashkenazis are Jews.

The final conclusion to draw from this is that Jews are the followers of Judaism.

Who was Ashkenaz?

In the Bible we can read about Ashkenaz in 1st Kings. Ashkenaz was the son of Gomer who was a descendant of Japheth, the last son of Noah. Noah had 3 sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. The descendants of these three were known as the Semitic people, the Hamitic people and the Japhethetic people respectively. The Biblical Israelites were known as the “Hebrew people” because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were the descendants of a man named “Heber” who is the forefather of all Hebrew people. Heber was a descendant of Shem and is therefore considered a Semite. The Arab people are the descendants of Ishmael and thus it means the Arabs are also technically “Hebrew” although they are not of Isaac and Jacob (Israel). Yet despite this, it is vital to understand that all Hebrew people, be they of Jacob or Ishmael, are Semites. This is important because 90% of Jews call themselves “Ashkenazi” and thus if we look at the genealogy of Ashkenaz we find that he is a Gomerite instead of a Hebrew and thus is a Japhethite instead of a Semite. Why does this matter? At the very least it matters because next time you criticize the Jews and someone calls you “Anti-Semitic” you can boldly state that “most Jews are not Semites”.

The land of “Ashkenaz” is in fact the same location in which a 6th century Empire known as the “Khazarian Empire” was located. This empire consisted of an Ashkenazi-Caucasoid-Turkic-Mongloid mix of people known as “Khazars”. The story goes that a king by the name of Bulan in the 8th century made Judaism the official religion of his empire and this is the true origin of most of the world’s Jewry today.

What about the remaining 10% of Jewry?

The rest of the worlds Jews stem from different races and ethnicity that over the ages have had ancestors who converted to Judaism at some point in history. The most important group of Jews you need to know about are the Sephardi Jews. The Sephardi people were known as “Serpent People” to the Biblical Israelites and were an ancient enemy of Israel. in 600 BC, during the time of Babylonian captivity, the Sephardi people adopted the the ways of Israel and tried to mix them with their own customs and traditions but thankfully God always had prophets to keep at least a small amount of Israelites faithful and self preserved. In 125 BC this changed however when the Idumeans (a mix of Jacobite and Edomite) were allowed into Israel and furthered the traditions of the Sephardi people in Israel. These are the very same traditions that Jesus calls “the traditions of men that make the word of God of no effect” in Mark chapter 7. In fact, they are the very same traditions and customs that the Pharisees promoted and enforced during Christ’s time of preaching. After Christ’s death, in the 1st century AD, these traditions would start to become codified and known as the “Babylonian Talmud” which are a volume of many books that are the cornerstone scripture of modern Judaism today.

What about the Jews in the bible?

In the Bible, the word “Jew” never appears until English translations after 1775. The nation of Israel had 12+ tribes, one of which is known as the “tribe of Judah”. Judah was the 4th son of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac, who was the son of Abraham. The term used to describe people belonging to the tribe of Judah is “Judhite”. The term used to describe people from the geographical location of Judea is “Judean”. The term used to describe the followers of Judaism is “Jew”. Unfortunately, modern translations tend to use the exact same word (Jew) for all three terms and this serves as a source of confusion for many readers of the Bible. Fortunately, one can still make out which term is meant by reading passages in context.

What is Judaism and where does it originate?

The Origins of Judaism trace back to Babylon. Contrary to common sense intuition, Judaism has absolutely nothing to do with Judea or the tribe of Judah. It is very much a deceptive misnomer.

The following is a comparative example of what Judaism really is: If Catholicism is Greco-Roman paganism that originated in Babylon and is disguised with a Christian (Christ) mask, then Judaism is Middle Eastern paganism that originated in Babylon and is disguised with a Mosaic (Moses) mask. Thus the idea of Jews being Biblical Israelites is as ridiculous as the idea of Catholic Freemasons being true new testament “Christians”.

The upper levels of Judaism is essentially Kabbalism exactly like in 33rd degree Freemasonry. Both Judaism and Freemasonry can be boiled down to Babylonian Kabbalah Occultism.

Star of David or Star of Satan?

The hexagram star has become a popular symbol of Judaism since the late 1700’s. Though it is called “The Star of David” (and sometimes “The Seal of Solomon”), the truth is that this star has absolutely nothing to do with King David from the Bible. In fact, this symbol is one of the highest Luciferian and Occult symbols in the world. It is a powerful symbol of Occult Magik. In the Bible, God condemns the Israelites for taking on this symbol in reverence of foreign gods.

“‘You also carried along Sikkuth your king and Kiyyun, your images, the star of your godswhich you made for yourselves. Therefore, I will make you go into exile beyond Damascus,’ says the LORD, whose name is the God of hosts.” – Amos 5:26-27

” Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will exile you away beyond Babylon.” – Acts 7:43

For practical purposes, the Christian can consider this symbol to be “The Star of Satan”

Real Jews vs Fake Jews?

Often Christians will make the mistake of calling the synagogue of Satan “fake Jews” as if there are “real Jews” who worship in the synagogue of God. The truth however is that God does not have a synagogue. God only has a holy nation that he calls “Israel” which through Christ is today known as “the Church”. Some Christians wrongly call this view “replacement theology” as if to suggest that God broke his promise with Israel and replaced “Jewish Israel” with the “Christian Church”. This view is heavily misguided by a misunderstanding of what Israel and the Church actually are. As already stated, Israel was never Jewish. Israel was a nation of people from many tribes who were called “Israel” because they kept and honored the same covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This did by no means mean that it was limited to physical descendants but rather applied to any and all converts as well. Israel was a nation based on faith and obedience to God rather than blood. There was nothing Jewish about it. The Church is the remnant of Israel that stayed faithful to God when Christ first came. The  many thousands who accepted Christ as the Messiah shortly after Christ’s ministry was over are the ones called “the lost house of Israel” and the “lost house of Judah”. And it is this Israel that would now be known as “the Church”. Thus it is incorrect to say that “the church replaced Israel”. No, The Church IS Israel and Israel was the Church. It has always been this way. The two were never different. They have always been one in the same. Thus God did not break his promise to Israel however those who refused to accept Christ as the Messiah also refused to be part of Israel. You can’t be of Israel unless you are of Christ. He who rejects Christ is Anti-Christ.

“For it is not as though the word of God hath taken no effect. For they are not all Israel, which are descended of Israel.” – Romans 9:6

As mentioned in the above verse, not all descendants of Israel are considered Israel by God. After Christ came, the only way to remain an Israelite was to accept Jesus Christ as the messiah.

Who are the Synagogue of Satan mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9?

As mentioned before, The people belonging to the tribe of Judah are called “Judhites”. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 in context would actually read:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty (spiritual), though thou art rich (materially). And I know the blasphemy of them which say they are OF JUDAH, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” – Rev 2:9

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are OF JUDAH, and are not, but do lie (the Jews); behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee (the Christians).” Rev 3:9

So here we can clearly see that there is actually no such thing as “fake Jews” but rather “fake Judhites”. Who are the “fake Judhites”? It’s the Jews. The Jews are the “Fake Judhites”.

Being “of the tribe of Judah” carries absolutely no religious connotation what so ever. As hinted before, when Christ talks about the “Lost house of Judah” and the “Lost house of Israel” he is speaking about the children of those who remained faithful to God (unlike the Herodians, Pharisees, Sadducees etc). If you read in context you will understand that the lost house of Judah did listen to Christ and accepted him as the Messiah (12 disciples and the great multitude of thousands who followed Christ), however it was the Jews (Followers of the Pharisees and Herodians) who rejected and persecuted Christ and his followers. What happened after Christ is that Pharisees got the monopoly of political power in the region and thus modern day Judaism is essentially “Phariseeism”.

The Taunt of “Christ being King of the Jews” 

So to say “Christ was a Jew” is absolutely blasphemous. Christ was the greatest enemy of the Jews and his followers have always been hated by Jews and persecuted for the past 2000 years by the Jewish Elite. It’s true that there are common Jews that the elites use as a barrier to protect themselves, however they are nothing more than pawns to the synagogue of Satan. Judaism and Freemasonry are in fact the very same and they both worship Lucifer. Once one reads the Talmud, Jewish Encyclopedias, Zohar and Kabballah, one can finally understand the Babylonian Occult nature of Judaism.

In Mark 7 Jesus Christ says that the Jews reject God and his commandments and rather keep their own traditions (this later became known as the “Talmud”). They worship “in vain”.

In John 5, Jesus Christ makes it clear that the Jews not only reject him, but also reject Moses. For though the Jews claim to believe in Moses, Jesus tells them that if they truly believed in Moses, they would have believed in him because Moses wrote about Jesus.

In John 8 we see that Christ calls the Jews the children of Satan instead of Abraham.

In Matthew 23 we can see Christ asking the Jewish elites how they will “escape the damnation of hell?”

Such verses should make it clear that Judaism is Babylonian Kabbalah Occultism that Christ calls “the synagogue of Satan”. Thus it is vital for every Christian to understand that he is an Israelite and that the Jews lie whenever they say they are Israel and try to convince the Christian that he is not of Israel.

“But ye are a chosen generation (the Church), a royal priesthood (Levi), an holy nation (Israel), a peculiar people (Children of God); that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light (through Jesus Christ);”  – 1 Peter 2:9

What is a Gentile?

A Gentile is a polytheist/heathen/pagan. If you are a Christian, you are neither a Jew nor a Gentile. If you are an atheist, you are neither a Jew nor a Gentile. Considering the true pagan origins of Judaism, it’s fair to say that the high Jewish elite who are aware of the polytheism of Judaism are actually also Gentiles themselves. Just remember that “Jew and Gentile” are not racial or ethnic terms. They have to do with beliefs contrary to what the Jews may or what their Talmud preaches.

What is the meaning of “Racial Jew/Ethnic Jew”?

When people say the term “Racial Jew” or “Ethnic Jew” they usually mean “Ashkenazi Khazar”.

What are the scriptures of Judaism that replace God’s word according to Jesus Christ?

It is vital to understand that in Judaism it is the Rabbi who holds the highest practical spiritual authority. However the scriptures of Judaism that make the “word of God of no effect” as Jesus Christ said, would today be known as the following:

-The Jewish Talmud (also known as “Babylonian Talmud”)

-The Jewish Encyclopedias

-The Zohar

-The Kabbalah











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