Nationalism is the mindset of putting your own nation first and never betraying your loyalty to your own people for any reason whether it be personal profit (International Capitalism) or suicidal altruism (International Socialism). Any and all ideologies that undermine National Sovereignty are regarded as treasonous and immoral. The nationalist mind recognizes that both socialists and capitalists with no loyalty to their own nation are a threat to the nation. The nationalist recognizes that the socialist will desire policies that will destroy the national economy thereby hurting the nation’s people. Simultaneously, the nationalist recognizes that the capitalist will betray the interests of his nation for his own interests and will desire policies that will enslave his nation to a “world economy” which will eventually destroy national sovereignty. The nationalist understands that in the realm of “internationalism” there is no difference between capitalism and socialism. He understands that both economic systems lead to the formation of a One World Government. The methods might be different, but the end result is the same. International Capitalism (aka “Globalism”) and International Socialism (aka “Communism”) are two sides of the same coin. The coin that will lead to the destruction of all sovereignty of nations and the formation of a one world government.

Internationalism is the mindset of abandoning your loyalty to your own nation and people in favor of one of the following:

1.) Yourself (“International Capitalist”)

2.) Another nation and its people (“International Socialist”)

Though the capitalist and the socialist are opposites in economic philosophy, they are actually the same in the realm of internationalism and the inevitable end result of both mindsets is exactly the same. Both will act to harm the sovereignty of the nation and its people. The socialist will demand an expansive state that will tax and regulate the economy heavily. Economic freedom will be diminished which will destroy capital and cause the nation and its people to suffer poverty. The socialist will then advocate for open borders in order to “import workers” to help revitalize the economy but this will inevitably lead to parasites being imported in to further suck away the nation’s remaining capital through welfare. Simultaneously the cultural identity of its people will be destroyed through demographic warfare. The socialist way is the quicker and more aggressive way to destroy a nation and its sovereignty. The capitalist method is slower and more subtle however it ends the same way. The capitalist will pursue policies that will maximize his own profits without any regard to whether his actions harm or benefit his own people. This behavior is very apparent among the international corporations who leech capital away and spread them across the world for their own profits leading to a “world economy” where all nations are dependent on each other economically. This economic dependence is in actuality a form of slavery. The very existence of a “world economy” where sovereign nations are economically dependent on each other leads to the formation of “super governments” which eventually leads to a one world government. The international capitalist leads his nation into debt and economic slavery. Thus it becomes clear that both the capitalist and the socialist do not have any respect for national sovereignty nor any loyalty to their own people. The main tool the elites use to enslave all nations is usury through the “Central Banks”.

Understand these things and you will begin to understand the true struggle of Adolf Hitler and the plight of the German people. The “International Hyenas” are a true danger to all people of the world. “Capitalism vs Socialism” is but a Hegelian dialectic on which the elites want us to focus on. The true war is actually “Nationalism vs Internationalism”. This is exactly why the capitalist USA joined with communist Russia as a Judeo-Mason international allies to defeat the nationalist sovereignist Axis Powers. WW2 was not won for freedom. It was won for Globalism and Communism by Jewry and Freemasonry.

Nationalism vs Internationalism 1Nationalism vs Internationalism 2


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